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How It Works

Sometimes online stores can be confusing and frustrating, Gifts that Give & Grow is committed to making sure all of our customers understand the process. If you have any other questions, drop us an email in the contact us section!

Once you place an order, the fun begins! Our team receives the order and we will design the custom certificate for the recipient, we send a copy via email to the person who ordered and then have the framed certificate sent to the recipient or address for shipping. 

We coordinate with an approved park or city department to have the tree sapling or flower garden delivered and planted.  After your item has been planted we will send you an email confirmation informing you of completion and where your tree or garden will grow and beautify. 

Keep in mind that we always do our best ensure that the trees and gardens have the optimum opportunity to flourish  and grow. This means we always take current climate and seasons into consideration when selecting your tree or garden's final destination.  We plant all trees and gardens once a season depending on the type of gift it is and where it will be located.

For example, our daffodil gardens are planted in the fall (typically mid-October to late-November), our Magnolia trees are best planted when dormant, usually in late fall in warmer climates or early spring in colder climates.  

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