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The Grand Gesture is our best value option. It includes 5 unique trees: A White Oak, Butternut, American Beech, Catalpa, and a Tuliptree.


White Oak: The White Oak is an excellent shade tree and thrives all over the Eastern United States and Southeastern Canada. White Oak wood is commonly used for whiskey and wine barrels due to its durability and strength. The acorns produced are a great source of food for wildlife and the leaf buds are eaten by several species of birds.


Butternut: Native to North America, the butternut is a producer of hardy tree nuts. Harvested in late October, these nuts are used baking and fresh eating.


American Beech: American Beech trees are study and densely canopied trees. They are slow growing, but over time grows into a beautiful addition to any area and is a lovely legacy for future generations. Beechnuts are important foods for chipmunks and squirrels.


Catalpa: Producing white flowers, heart shaped leaved, dangling seed pods, and twisted branches; the Catalpa tree is a sight to behold. The flowers attract hummingbirds and it is the host to the catalpa sphinx moth. The flowers also attract bees in early spring.


Tuliptree: Known for its rapid growth and cup-shaped flowers, the Tuliptree is a fine addition to a landscape. It is the tallest of the eastern hardwoods. This tree provides natural benefits year-round to animals. In spring, the nectar of the flowers attract hummingbirds. The seeds provide food for many different birds; cardinals, quail, finches, and more.

The Grand Gesture - 5 Unique Trees

  • The Grand Gesture is our best value option. It includes 5 unique trees: A White Oak, Butternut Oak, American Beech, Catalpa, and a Tulip Tree. Also included a framed certificate, express mailed to a home, office, church, funeral home, etc., with the location or coordinates of where the new tree is located and a special personalized message from the sender.  

    We will coordinate the planting of the specified trees in a suitable climate for optimum results. 

    All wild flowers and trees are planted with an experienced naturalist or arborist overseeing. 

  • All framed certificates are sent through the USPS or FedEx with guarunteed delivery dates and times. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and will do what it takes to rectify any unsatisfied customers.

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