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Our Mission and Purpose

About Me 

Welcome to Gifts That Grow and Give! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what we are about. My name is Melanie and I am super passionate about unique alternatives to the expected. I love giving gifts and I love surprising people on the receiving end with something that is useful, unique, and memorable. 

The concept of GG&G started because I wanted to combine my love of presents with my love of nature!


 I am a funeral director and I absolutely LOVE what I do! It is one of the most rewarding careers and I get the opportunity to give back to a community I adore.


I have two adorable and EXTREMELY rowdy boys and a supportive partner who all motivate me and inspire me daily. 

We love being outdoors and when we are not at work, my family can usually be found catching frogs in our creek, hiking in the woods, building forts, biking, running, or kayaking. 

Read more about me and all our adventures on my blog: Thoughts I Have and Things I Love.


What is Gifts that Give & Grow

GG&G is a store that is devoted to providing memorable and different gifts for you to send someone you care about that are meant to last and leave an impression. 

When you purchase one of our living products we will send the  recipient a framed certificate of what has been planted in their honor and include a special message from you, the sender. This way they have a tangible reminder of the love you are sharing with them. 

The concept came to fruition after what I saw every day in my occupation as a funeral director. Every day I would walk into a service and see hundreds and hundreds of dollars in cut floral arrangements. While these thoughtful and heartfelt tokens of condolence and love bring joy and comfort to a grieving family, they are not designed to last.

So, I thought, "Rather than cutting something beautiful away from the Earth...why not give something back?" This way you are giving a gift of life that will continue to flourish and grow over time. Leaving a lasting impact on the world. 

I wanted to expand the idea to more than memorial gifts. Why not give the gift of nature for wedding favors, birthday presents, anniversaries, milestone events, and so much more? The options are endless! Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on can coolers or bottle openers, spend that same amount on an area of wild flowers in your guests' names. 

Pretty simple concept! Let's give back as we give to others! 


Troy, Nash, Jameson, and Me

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