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Wild flowers add beauty to any landscape and have many environmental benefits. Wild flowers attract honey bees and aid in the pollonating of more beautiful flowers. Sold in incriments of 1 Square Yard. 


While more and more honey bees in recent years have been succumbing to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), wildflowers are a great way to attract more and help stabilize their population. Bees and flowering plants have a mutualistic relationship benefiting both. Bees use the pollen and nectar produced to pollinate crops and other flowers.

Wild Flower Garden

SKU: 0001
  • Wild Flower Garden option includes a framed certificate, express mailed to a home, office, church, funeral home, etc., with the location or coordinates of where the new wild flower garden in located and a special personalized message from the sender.  

    We will coordinate the planting of the specified area with wild flowers suited for the climate in which they are planted. 

    All wild flowers and trees are planted with an experienced naturalist or arborist overseeing. 

  • All framed certificates are sent through the USPS or FedEx with guarunteed delivery dates and times. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and will do what it takes to rectify any unsatisfied customers.

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